A Bit About Me - Hilary Lex
Hilary Lex Travel Photography Headshots

I love the outdoors. The smell of pine and pinyon. I prefer mountain air over ocean air - but let's be honest, I'll take either! I'm a sucker for taking adventurous risks in the spirit of creating rad memories. I value community and love the steadfast people in my life. On that note, I LOVE meeting new people - especially if we're going on an adventure together. I love being a desert dweller (based in Tucson, AZ). I enjoy sitting down with a good glass of wine at the end of a long week (or day). Walking or hiking with my dogs, cycling in the foothills and the occasional yoga date with a girlfriend are my ideas of exercise. I love exploring new places, eating good food and seeing how other people in the world live. 

I would LOVE to travel with you, photographing your experience so that you can focus on making memories while I do the creative work of capturing them. Let me know when you're headed out on your next adventure and let's chat!

Happy Trails!

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